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Columbus Paternity Lawyer

Paternity, or the legal acknowledgment of the relationship between father and child, is an important factor in determining child custody, visitation and child support for unmarried parents. Whether you are a mother seeking to confirm the identity of your child's father, or a man seeking to establish parental rights over your children, it is important to have an experienced paternity lawyer on your side.

Our attorneys have more than 30 years of combined experience handling paternity cases and other family law issues for clients throughout central Ohio. We can offer you the guidance and advocacy you need for this important legal matter.

Contact us today online or by telephone at 614-428-0515 or toll free at 866-604-3844 to discuss your case with an experienced Columbus paternity attorney.

Experienced Paternity Lawyer

If you are an unmarried mother and are seeking to establish the identity of your child's father, you can petition the child support enforcement agency to order a DNA paternity test. Once the father's identity is confirmed, you will then be able to seek child support.

A father's name on a birth certificate does not entitle him to child custody and visitation rights if he is not married to the mother. If you are a father seeking to play a significant role in your child's life, obtaining a paternity test can give you the legal standing you need.

Whichever side of the paternity issue you are on, we can guide you through all of the necessary legal steps.

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If you are seeking legal guidance for a divorce, visitation dispute, alimony matter or other family law issue, we are here to help. Contact us today online or by telephone at 614-428-0515 or toll free at 866-604-3844 to discuss your case with a knowledgeable Columbus paternity attorney.

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